Omaha schoolgirl dresses as a different historical figure every day

Ever since the first day of second grade, third grader Stella Ehrhart has come to school dressed as a different historical figure. Pictured are her costumes for Princess Grace, Billie Holiday, Joan Baez, Helen Keller, Elvis Costello, and Aung San Suu Kyi. 

Classmates and teachers alike are supportive of her costumes. 

“We’d have to get on the computer and figure out who she was,” said her second-grade teacher, Shannon Roeder. “There are times I even forget,” she said of Stella’s blend-in costume. “It’s not an attention-getter ‘Look at me.’”

“Ummm, Laura Ingalls Wilder,” classmate Abby Adams said of her favorite Stella costume. “She wore, like, these shoes that were black and white. She wore, like, this dress with leggings. It’s kind of cool. I might do it next year.”

“One time she dressed as our principal,” said Jack Jenowe. “It’s cool.”

“It’s cool you’re doing a report on Stella,” said Elena Conyers Gaines, “because she’s a very nice girl.”

“My favorite costume was last year — she dressed as me,” said best friend Virginia Holtzclaw.

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